Mike Denly

Welcome! I am a PhD student in the Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin and Governance Team Leader at Innovations for Peace and Development. My research centers on the political economy of development, with a focus on corruption, natural resources, and foreign aid. At UT-Austin, I teach a two-semester undergraduate Research Practicum course.

Prior to joining UT-Austin, I worked for the US State Department, the European Commission, and the World Bank. Since starting my PhD, I have consulted extensively for the World Bank and USAID on governance and anti-corruption issues.

Dual M.A., Georgetown University and Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina (2015)
M.Sc., Maastricht University, Graduate School of Governance (2008)
B.A., University of Denver (2006)
      Study Abroad: Université de Lausanne, Switzerland and Università di Bologna, Italy (2005)