Making Merges Go Through Using tidylog and anti_join

3 minute read


Packages in the tidyverse suite, including dplyr, represent amazing contributions data science. One thing that constantly vexed me, though, was the inability of dplyr’s merge functionsleft_join, full_join, etc.– to actually let you know if the merges went through without having to do extra work. It just seemed so cumbersome to have to individually inspect each data frame after each merge. Well, thankfully, that is no longer necessary due to tidylog.

Removing Accents in R

4 minute read


R is a fantastic open-source program that allows users to do just about anything, but sometimes the program requires some tricks to accomplish seemingly simple tasks. Removing accents is a case in point, so I’d like to provide everyone with some guidance to overcome some of the thornier accent removal issues.


Balancing Panel Data and Removing Duplicate Unique IDs

11 minute read


Properly balancing panel data and removing duplicate unique identifiers is a recurring challenge for students in my Research Practicum course. Accordingly, I thought it would be helpful to provide an example for everyone.


Hello, World/Importing Data in R

less than 1 minute read


Hello, world! I have finally figured out GitHub and how to make a free website with Jekyll. It’s a great day!