Applied Research: Political Science (Research Practicum, Semester 2)

Instructor, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government (GOV 355D), 2022

This course is the second semester of a Research Practicum program that attempts to provide undergraduates with a fairly comprehensive introduction to the research process in the social sciences. Classroom instruction covers experiments, data structures, data cleaning, hypothesis testing, measurement challenges, linear regression, as well as the basics of panel data, regression discontinuity designs, difference-in-differences, synthetic controls, logistic regression, and network analysis. Training in Stata, R, LaTeX, Mendeley, and ArcGIS continues during the second semester of the course as well. At the end of the second semester, students complete their own research projects, write-up their results in a formal paper, and present their findings to the class. [Syllabus] [Spring 2022 Evaluation] [Spring 2021 Evaluation] [Spring 2020 Evaluation] [Spring 2019 Evaluation]